Articles for March 2015

Five hours with Google Glass



My first experience with Google Glass was 2 years ago at the GDG Leads London Summit 2013 and it was very weird because I couldn’t see anything due to the wrong configuration of Glass. It was configured for the owner, not for me.

My second experience was last year at GDG DevFest Istanbul 2014 but the Google Glass was off, so nothing relevant.

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Advanced Android Application Development (4th Edition)

advanced android

With its thirty-one chapters and four considerable appendixes, this book is like the bible for Android developers.

Each chapter is presented very well and with a minimal part of code that helps us to understand the whole theorical part of the book.

The first six chapters introduce the basis of Android development. Elements like thread and content provider are the basics for the developers, of course even services and sqlite engine too, but when there are many opportunities to take advantage of, you really don’t know which is the best part! In this case, all the six chapers are the best part!

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