Android Programming, The Big Nerd Ranch Guide

The book is composed by 34 chapters and about 600 pages and it includes all the things to start to develop an Android App.
The first six chapters introduce the base of Android programming starting with the use of the IDE Android Studio and explaining how work an activity and how to debug and Android application. These chapters are very simply and fast to read.
The seventh chapter describes the fundamentals of Fragments, base for other chapters and basis of responsive native layout.

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Advanced Android Application Development (4th Edition)

advanced android

With its thirty-one chapters and four considerable appendixes, this book is like the bible for Android developers.

Each chapter is presented very well and with a minimal part of code that helps us to understand the whole theorical part of the book.

The first six chapters introduce the basis of Android development. Elements like thread and content provider are the basics for the developers, of course even services and sqlite engine too, but when there are many opportunities to take advantage of, you really don’t know which is the best part! In this case, all the six chapers are the best part!

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iOS 8 for Programmers: An App-Driven Approach with Swift



As the title says the book focuses on programming in iOS 8 with a different approach than normal book, that is the app-driven approach.

The book starts with the introduction of the different devices: iPod, iPhone, iPad; underlining the growth of these devices comparing with their financial results. Also, the first chapter tells the history of iOS from the beginning up to now with its new features, like iWatch.
The fundamentals of this chapter are the features introduced in Swift compared to Objective C, demostrating how Swift can help us to improve our life as an iOS developer.

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Testing and Securing Android Studio Applications

testing securing android

The book is composed by eleven chapters that on the whole are the basis to secure an Android application.

The first chapter introduces the various terms of security and the different types of vulnerability that can occur. A very important chapter because it provides the basis to understanding the rest of the book. Also, it describes the various types of tests: unit, integration, validation, system and acceptance.

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Essential Mobile Interaction Design

mobile interaction


The book is composed by eleven chapters and three appendixes. It is well structured, starting with the basics of the mobile up to advanced concept regarding interaction design.

The first chapter deals with the basics of mobile starting from its natural definition and the minimal definition of “app”. Also the various type of device are described, smartphone and tablet, and the principal giant: Apple and Google.

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Guida programmazione Android 4.2



Dopo due anni dal lancio della prima guida sulla programmazione android, finalmente ho trovato un po’ di tempo per pubblicarne una seconda.

Si tratta di una rivisitazione della prima guida, corretta ed ampliata, aggiungendo concetti che vanno oltre alla singola creazione dell’interfaccia grafica.

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