DevOps is slightly different from standard Agile methology. The communication between developers and operations (such as systems engineer) are very intensive. These have to collaborate tightly to achieve the same goal: release, release and release 

One of the basis of the Agile methology is the meeting of the team members. For DevOps, the scrum meeting rule applies.

In my opinion, even if the scrum meeting with the whole team are very important, I think that it could be more productive dividing into two scrum meetings, one for the developers and one for the operations, and then the development manager and the operation manager can meet together to perfom the progress of development.

The business stakeholder sees the project as a foreign person without participating in the development mode. Sometimes, depending on the number of team members, the scrum could be unproductive because of several reasons:

  • someone could be distracted because the scrum could be too long
  • sometimes developers are interested in operations that don’t regard them
  • possibly wasting time

The business stakeholder shouldn’t partecipate in the meeting because he sees the project from different point of view and possibly could bring the developers off track. So, he could arrange a meeting with the managers where he can explain his needs.

Continuous practices are very important and these are the things that every development team had better do. Putting together all of the continuous practices, you can control and manage everything occurring on the server and if something happens you could get feedback as soon as possible, that permits you to resolve some troubles immediately.

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