Five hours with Google Glass



My first experience with Google Glass was 2 years ago at the GDG Leads London Summit 2013 and it was very weird because I couldn’t see anything due to the wrong configuration of Glass. It was configured for the owner, not for me.

My second experience was last year at GDG DevFest Istanbul 2014 but the Google Glass was off, so nothing relevant.

This time, thanks to my colleague, I wore the Google Glass for 5 hours and I was able to try it out, actually I was able to play with it!

It was amazing, except for the many people that said to me “Can I try it?” but it doesn’t matter, in the past I was one of the people that asked that!

I tried some functions but there was a big problem, no internet connection was available.

So…what could I do with Google Glass without internet connection? Well, apart from saying “Ok Glass”, “Take a picture” and “Delete this” I couldn’t do much more.

Nevertheless, I understood how the hardware works: for instance, to close the current application without knowing the correct gesture was a problem.

Ok, sometimes when I said “Take a picture” it started to record a video…or in other situations it always started to record a video. It was strange.

For me, the worst part of Google Glass was the reflection of the glass when it was off. It reflected everything! So, after 2 hours of using it I had a headache. No problem, it is normal I thought. After another 2 hours I felt nauseous, well…maybe it is a side effect for using it for the first time for such a long time. Now I understand why some people rest the Glass on their head when they aren’t using it.

After another 1 hour I took the Glass off, I was too nauseous.

Of course my 5 hours with Glass were ruined due to the lack of internet connection so this article doesn’t criticize the Google Glass, I would like to try it for another 5 hours with internet connection to try every function it offers. To underline that I don’t read any guide to use Google Glass, so it was a good experiment for a person that doesn’t know how it works. Try voice, try touch and try gesture were my keys to understand how Google Glass works.

In the end I think that the Google Glass is an amazing thing, even though I would like to understand its correct position in the market in the future.

Today maybe it is only a cool gadget for nerdy people.

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