Visual Continuity

visual continuity


In few words I could explain the term Visual Continuity as a continuous focus of elements in a visual context of a specific action.

To complete an action we could do several steps. Between two steps there could be a passage through visual elements.

That is where we have to do something to guarantee the attention of the users. To satisfy the users we had better think as a user.

I would like that an application continuously gives me feedback without making me wait too long for a result. A progress bar is better than nothing. The point of view of the user is very important in order to have success with one application.

An UX Designer can help us understand the best practices for continuous focus of elements. Material Design fullfills the UX Designer, the developer and the user with its new concepts.

If we press a Button that starts an Activity and it opens extremely slow we could insert a transition to lighten the time to open the Activity, in a figurative sense.

With the new feature introduced in Material Design we can provide Animations, Transitions, Motions and various types of feedback in a easier way in order to gain the visual continuity of our applications. As a consequence we have achieved the users satisfaction.

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