When Android says What The Fuck

android wtf

Sometimes the best stuff, that can happen to us, is to discover something like Log.wtf.
Wow! In Android a static method of a class  Log exists that says what the fuck!

Ok, keep calm with the excitment because that wtf stands for What a Terrible Failure, that is an exception that should never happen.

Little stuff in the end, but enough to think about the possibility of non-serious things in a seriously big project like Android.

The programming languages, the various frameworks, suites and everything else in IT development can surprise us. In them we could discover the strangest things that exist.

For instance, do you know that the comma in C language, and in other programming languages, is an operator? Possibly  most developers don’t know what the comma operator does, but it doesn’t matter, it is only another classic joke that one person can find in their life as a developer.


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